Welcome to Mixta! Born from a love for cultures, artisans, travel, nature, products and experiences almost 14 years ago, which was when Mexico stole my heart, far from my hometown Sydney, Australia. I started by opening a tiny space and then I moved into an impressive 18th century Spanish house, where we are still located. Mixed is a visual delight, where beauty, magic and experiences make you fly.
As the name of the store implies, it's a ´´MIX´´ of products made with soul, integrity and love from designers and artisans of Mexico and other wondrous lands. Textiles, Fashion, Jewellery, Home Products, Art and mix of more.
It fills my heart with gratitude and pride to now have two platforms - the physical store and the online store. Where I can expose talented artisans, designers, artists, creative beings, laughter, life and ideas to develop. Relationships in every way connected to my store are the best ingredient that keeps me loving what I do.
Thank you for riding the waves of Mixta with me and my deepest gratitude to all the people who have helped me shape Mixta to what it is today, without them I would not be here.
Love and light for all beings.