"The Albino Aboriginal" by Project B


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The Albino Aboriginal, Zimmerman and Co. Professional Photographers., Circa


Photographic reproduction of original piece 

Size: 21 cm x 14.5 cm x 2 cm

Unzie was born in New Zealand but was abducted by Barnum and Bailey Circus (some even say it was stolen as a child) to tour Europe and eventually the United States as well. Barnum and Bailey called him "Australian Aboriginal Beauty" and said he was an albino Aboriginal from the interior of the country, born into a tribe and worshiped as a kind of god by his own people. They spun the story hard and even had cartoon ads showing a young Unzie living in stereotypically primitive conditions between aborigines and kangaroos.

Unzie had quite a successful touring career with Barnum and Bailey, not surprising since who could see a guy in such an appropriate suit sporting a gigantic white afro and not wanting to stop to find out more? Through the circus she came to have the experience of traveling the world at a time when most people could not travel beyond the next city.

However, he eventually quit the circus and thus was also withdrawn from the history books, which left us wondering what happened to him. Did you go to spend the rest of your days in your home country or did you live quietly in the midst of English society with your hair perpetually tucked into your top hat? Some people even theorize that he was not actually an albino, but a man with very light-colored eyes who bleached his hair, eyebrows, and mustache to enter the lucrative monster show business. So all he would have had to do to re-blend in with anonymity was cut his hair and let it revert to its normal color. Either way and whoever he was, it seems like he was an amazing guy with a strict sense of style and showmanship.

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