"Sin Título" by Ivan Bautista


"Sin Título" by Ivan Bautista,  PVC lettering.

Dimensions : 53 cm x 43 cm x 2.5 cm

Ivan Bautista: 

He graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Oaxaca, UABJO with a degree in Plastic and Visual Arts with a specialty in Graphics. In 2009 she carried out an academic exchange at the National School of Plastic Arts, ENAP-UNAM. In 2012 she obtained honorable mention at the National Biennial "Shinzaburo Takeda" and in 2016 he was awarded the 2nd. Place in the same Biennial. He was selected in I (2013) and II (2014) "International Biennial of Engraving José Guadalupe Posada" (José Guadalupe Posada Museum, Aguascalientes, Mx.). In 2014 she participated in the XII Biennial of Havana, Cuba. Same year he was a guest artist in the group exhibition at the "International Exhibition of China" at the Art Museum of Shanghai, China. He made a stay at UNM in Albuquerque New Mexico, “Getting up P´al Pueblo” and was also selected in the 9th International Triennial of Graphic Master Print, Kochi, Japan. In 2012 he made a stay in Stockholm, Sweden, through the Oaxaca Cultural Exchange - RAKETA Sweden. Same year he participated in the 1st Cultural Exchange "Corn and Maguey", EuroOaxaca Initiative for Cultural Transformation (IETC) Europe, Oaxaca. Her work was selected in the I International Biennial of Small Format Engraving "Francisco Paco Urondo" in Buenos Aires, argenitna. I participate in "Printed Latino 2011 MUNT", in Tucumán, Argentina. In 2005 he was selected in the 1st International Small Format Engraving Show "Inter-Etching" in Minas, Uruguay. It has 8 individual exhibitions in Mexico and has participated in group exhibitions in countries such as Australia, USA, France, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, South Africa, Serbia, Canada, Taiwan. He is currently part of the Burro Press Workshop and lives in the City of Oaxaca.

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