"Primarios" by Joaquín Piñero

"Primarios" by Joaquín Piñero


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Dimensions : 60 cm x 70 cm x 3.5 cm

Medium : Oil painting on paper

Joaquín Piñeiro:

Joaquín Piñeiro was born in Mexico City in 1968. He studied art at The Pennsylvania School of Art, The Samuel Fleisher Art Memorial, The Tyler School of Design in Philadelphia, and Los Angeles City College, in the United States. In Mexico, he continued his studies at the Academia de San Carlos, at the Fine Arts Engraving Workshop of San Miguel de Allende, GTO and at the Artistic Production Workshop of maestro Jordi Boldo. He also works as a cultural promoter in charge of outstanding galleries in San Miguel de Allende. Wax, fire, paper and wood are materials commonly used by the artist in his works.

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