"Moon Dance" By Holly Wilmeth

"Moon Dance" By Holly Wilmeth

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"Moon Dance" 

This image is of the Datura Stramonium flower, also known in Mexico as Toloache. It is an ingredient in zombification formulas used in the Caribbean, and to control or enchant unfaithful lovers in parts of Mexico, and is used by indigenous peoples throughout the American continent for initiations or ritual ceremonies of all kinds. . It contains, among other things, scopolamine, atropine and jimson weed which when ingested, even small amounts of the plant can cause delirium, frenzy, hallucinations, palpitations, coma and death. 

Dimensions : 75 x 94 cm  

Media :  Photo  

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Incredible Eye

One of my favorite shopping experiences in the world. Anna, the owner, has extraordinary talent and taste in bringing the most interesting and beautiful objects and things into one space. Every visit is an experience that leaves you knowing you have been visually uplifted. I can't go enough. And now online, I can go everyday to see the world through her eyes. Obviously I love the store!