Replenishing Salt Soak


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The traditional salt bath, all adults

This pretty pink blend combines powerful nourishing salts with heavenly jasmine and geranium for a lush, rejuvenating bath time upgrade. Himalayan rose and Dead Sea salts have seemingly endless reputed benefits (detoxifying, moisturizing, antibacterial, soothing muscle and joint pain) and are excellent for replenishing essential skin minerals. Jasmine sambac and geranium absolute oils are said to help lift mood and promote balance, making this blend a dreamy and effective way to reset the body and mind. It looks good, it feels good, it smells good, it sounds like the perfect Sunday night to us. Or any night for that matter!

Sprinkle a palm full of salts in the warm bath water. Stir the water allowing the salts to dissolve and release the essential oils. Enjoy and relax while your skin is soaked in minerals, recovering its natural glow.

- Works like a natural perfume.
- The floral aroma transports you to another place in time
- Reminder to create moments of stillness
- Go ahead when you need an inner confidence boost
- The beautiful golden color comes from the rich Jasmine Sambac absolute

10oz / 284g

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